My Story

About 3 1/2 years ago I attended a major women’s conference with a friend. We drove up the the arena and stopped at a crosswalk. Droves of women walked in front of our car on the way to the conference. Noticing the large amount of overweight and obese women, we commented that it seemed like a great percentage of the attendees had weight problems. We were also surprised to notice this since the conference took place in Orange County, CA, the home of skinny housewives.

In the arena I did an informal count of the women, and estimated that at least 50% – myself included – had some sort of weight issue. We discussed how Christians should be the healthiest people around since we have the Holy Spirit to guide and help us. I mentioned that someone should start a movement that leads people to a healthy lifestyle. So, the idea behind the Glorious Body Project was born. The Glorious Body Project name came from a twofold idea that we should all do our best to be the healthiest most glorious versions of ourselves, but also that when we do achieve our own glorious bodies, we will be an example to the unsaved around us. Many of us ask how we can witness to others and I imagined thousands of newly healthy women and men giving their testimony to friends, family and neighbors who asked them how they got healthy. What a great opportunity to witness how God moved in their lives to help them reach their best health. In this world of gossip magazines who tout the celebrity-of-the-week’s weight loss plan, a healthier, more vibrant you can reach those in your sphere who seek to be healthier themselves.

But that conference was 3 1/2 years ago. And those years have been spent saying, “I’ll get the blog started tomorrow,” or “I’ll start being healthy next week.” The truth of the matter is, I was scared. I’ve always known that FEAR is the greatest threat to us all. Fear keeps us from being the best versions of ourselves. Fear is at the base of every bad thing in the world. But at some point we have to overcome the fear and go where God leads you. It took me ten years of going to church before I was saved, so you could call me stubborn, or a slow-learner, or just plain ol’ FEAR-FILLED! I hope that by pushing aside my fear, starting this blog and my own Glorious Body Project, I’ll finally be doing what God wants for my life.

The Glorious Body Project blog chronicles my journey to take charge of my health and well-being. I have the belief that all Christians should be healthy in body, mind and spirit, and the Glorious Body Project aims to glorify Jesus, one body at a time.